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Practical Self-Love Ideas Mini Manual

Practical Self-Love Ideas Mini Manual

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Add a dose of self-love everyday

Wondering how to love yourself a bit more? Here's a quick list of practical Self-Love ideas that you can use RIGHT NOW.

This is a sweet list of ways that you can take care of yourself each day. Most of them very simple and easy to fit into your busy life.

For example:

* Get in water! Take a hot bath with smelly salts, a candle, and your favorite book. Refresh with a cold shower. Go to a lake or to the ocean. Go to a sauna or steam bath. Do a few laps in your favorite pool.

* Get water in you! Drink water, preferable from a glass, not a plastic bottle or cup. Be aware of the power of water and how it can deeply nourish you. When you feel hungry, drink water - many times we are actually just thirsty, not hungry.

35 inspiring Self-Love ideas.
Add them to notes to friends.
Put them on post-it notes around your house and car.
Add them to our daily affirmations list.

Also included:
What is love anyway?
Love is not…
Me party
Qualities of someone embodying self-love
Uncomfortable ways to love yourself
What does a world completely embraced by self-love look like?

Dedicate time to you regularly! We all need a bit more self-love...

Excerpted from Self-Love is the Key eBook
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