The Sanskrit name of 2nd chakra is Svadhisthana which means sweetness. The Sacral chakra is the centre of enjoyment and passion.

Sacral chakra – Svadhisthana

Name: Svadhishthana

Meaning of name: Dwelling place of the self (sva – self or prana, adhisthana – dwelling place)

Location: Genital region

Element (Tattva): Water

Color: Orange (Western system), Transparent, white, light blue (Tantric system)

Shape: Circle

Petals of Lotus:  Six

Seed Sound (Bija Mantra): Vam

Vowel Sound: Oo

Expression: I feel

Emotion: Peaceful, socialization, sexuality, desire, pleasure , creation & procreation

Key Word: Feeling, creativity

Aspects: Procreation, creativity, sensuality

Sense: Taste

Animal: Crocodile

Herb: Sweetgrass

Food: Liquid

Source of : Feelings; creative energy; birthing and gestation activities (for babies, businesses, ideas, projects, etc), women’s power

Seat of : Feelings and our awareness of them; creative abilities; female identity

Imbalances: Bladder & kidney trouble (childhood issues); excessive tears; control over fluids in the body – blood, bile, water, lymph, etc; fertility issues; women’s issues such as PMS, candida, uterine problems; issues from stored, stuck or unexpressed emotions from self or others; co-dependency (literally taking on and storing another’s feelings); creative blocks

Contains: Feelings of self and others