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Reading Chakras with a Pendulum - Self-guided Workshop - Ebook

Reading Chakras with a Pendulum - Self-guided Workshop - Ebook

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This is a great mini-course for anyone new to using a pendulum, or for those who want to enhance their skills!

Curious about how to use a pendulum?
Do you want more knowledge about what chakras are?
Want to learn how to read chakras?

If you answered yes, this Mini-Course is for you!

You will be guided step by step through how to use a pendulum in general, what each of the chakras are and where they are located, how to use a pendulum specifically to read chakras, as well as how to interpret your results.

You will learn how to read chakras in-person as well as at a distance.

There is a guided meditation included to help you tune into your intuitive self. Safety guidelines are also discussed so you will know how to keep your own energy field clean and unharmed.

There are many diagrams and a useful worksheet to record your results on when you are practicing your new skills.

31 pages, including the printable worksheet.

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