Solar Plexus-Manipura

The Sanskrit name of the 3rd chakra is Manipura. The Solar chakra is the centre of wisdom and self-confidence.

Solar Plexus Chakra – Manipura

Name: Manipura

Meaning of name: City of Jewels (mani – jewels, pura – dwelling place)

Location: Navel

Element (Tattva): Fire

Color: Yellow (Western system), Red (Tantric system)

Shape: Downward pointing Triangle

Petals of lotus: Ten

Seed Sound (Bija Mantra): Ram

Expression: I can, I will

Emotion: Control over anger & energy; will & power

Key Word: Power, discrimination

Aspects: Vision, ego

Sense: Sight

Animal: Ram

Herb: Carnation, marigold, cinnamon

Food: Starches

Source of : Personal power; self and other judgments; intellectual understanding of worldly existence; men’s power

Seat of : Self-esteem; power; directed will; ability to discern; male identity

Imbalances: Effects pancreas, adrenals, digestive system & muscles, so digestive and metabolic disorders; weight issues; feelings of confusion or craziness; power issues. When linked to the heart, issues include co-dependency and caretaking (mixing up love and power needs).

Contains: Opinions, differentiated beliefs