All items at SaraCura are available for wholesale purchase.
To receive wholesale, the following totals must be met*:

$425 retail/ $300 wholesale = 30% off retail price
$715+ retail/ $500+ wholesale= 40% off retail price

For larger orders, please contact Sarah to discuss possibilities.

I will create a custom listing for your wholesale purchase once we have established what you are interested in. You can select specific products from the website or you can give a budget for individual styles, such as earrings or pendulums, and allow us to choose some pieces for you. You are welcome to designate which stones or styles you are most interested in. We will then send you photos of the chosen items for final approval before sending. I am constantly making new jewelry, so not everything I have available is on the website. 
If you need special cards or displays for your jewelry, please let us know. We will do our best to accommodate your needs 
100% guaranteed satisfaction. All jewelry pieces are available for exchange when placing a subsequent order. Pieces that are to be exchanged must be shipped back to SaraCura at the expense of the buyer. Buyer will then have credit for that jewelry for their future order. No cash refunds available. Jewelry must be in good condition, though the status of the display card is not important. 
* Self-Love is the Key workbook is an exception for these percentages, due to smaller margins.
Wholesale is possible but we must discuss terms individually.