The Sanskrit name of 1st chakra is Muladhara. It is the survival center.

Root Chakra – Muladhara

Name: Muladhara

Meaning of name: Foundation, Base (mul – base, adhara – support)

Location: Perineum, base of spine, the first 3 vertebrae

Element (Tattva): Earth

Color: Red (Western system), Yellow (Tantric system)

Shape: Square

Petals of the Lotus: Four

Seed Sound (Bija Mantra): Lam

Vowel sound: O

Expression: I have

Emotion: Fearlessness & stillness

Key Word: Awareness

Aspects: Security

Sense: Smell

Animal: The 7 trunked elephant

Herb: Cedar

Food: Meat & protein

The source of: Passion, raw feelings, including rage, terror and joy; survival energy; material energy for achieving life purpose; fundamental programming about what we deserve in and out of life.

Seat of Existence on the physical plane: the will to live

Imbalances: Obesity, greed & hoarding; root area for addiction and compulsions; nervous system disorders; some circulatory, skin or reproductive issues; family dysfunctions; any childhood abuse issues; money, career, and finance issues; questions about housing, food & basic needs.

Contains: Our roots, including family values, beliefs, and heritage; original feelings about ourselves, outright to exist, our right to occupy space, our right to be loved, our right to get our needs met; material energy for achieving life purpose.