Name: Phosphosiderite
Color(s): Purple to reddish violet, rose-red, peachy-pink, brownish yellow, moss-green, colourless; rose to colourless in transmitted light.
Mineral Information: Metavariscite Group
Chemical Make-up: Fe3+(PO4)•2(H2O)
Hardness: 3.5-4
Where they are found: Chile, Argentina, Germany, Portugal, USA,
About Stone: The meaning of this stones name is related to its mineral makeup, as it contains both phosphorous, phospho, and iron, siderite.
The second part of the word, siderite, relates to the Greek word sideros, meaning iron. It is said to be also known as ‘piedrea voga’ meaning pink stone, and ‘la rosa voca’ meaning pink rock.
Zodiac Association: Virgo
Metaphysical Properties: An excellent stone for connecting with your spirit guide, as it opens up a stronger spiritual connection. Used to assist with finding balance and stability. Used to access and work with past life memories, and the third eye chakra.