Self-Love is the Key Books

I woke up one morning in November of 2019 with the strong thought in my head - "Write a book about self-love!" So I took the notebook sitting by the side of my bed and wrote on the first page - Self-Love: the book. Then I set it down and didn't think too much about it. Over the next 18 months, I would occasionally pick it up and take a few notes. Maybe copy a sentence I had read that stuck in my mind. Or play with an idea of how to practice self-love. 
Then on my way to the islands to escape the horrible burn season air quality of my beautiful mountain town, I randomly grabbed the notebook, not thinking too much of it. While on the beach in my little bungalow, I thought maybe this is the time. And I started to organize my thoughts a bit. And viola! A book was born....
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I love and appreciate this workbook so much because it keeps me involved. It contains so much more than just basic self-love tools. I love how Sarah includes shadow work, inner child healing and so so much more. It's a perfect integration, is easy to understand and keep up with. I love learning the new practices and reflecting so deeply. I highly suggest this book to everyone!

Chelsey Wildfire
Feminine Embodiment Coach, Soul Guide and Self-love Queen
 A truly lovely book perfectly timed for so many who need this right now. Concepts presented clearly and concisely followed by well explained and easy to do exercises. This is a book that can be used over and over to get to deeper levels. Getting this book is one of the best self-love acts I have done in a long time. Thank you, Sarah, for sharing your light and wisdom with the world!
Michelle Case
CST-M (craniosacral therapist-master)
CST instructor, and Intuitive Reader
 The workbook is more than just a journey towards self-love - it's an invaluable resource for reflecting on your internal connections (or lack of), with thought provoking questions that make space for true inner-reflection. As a spiritual seeker and self-healer, I have immensely enjoyed the workbook and have cultivated a sense of self-love because of the work and practices the book guides you through. I've even got a few spare copies to share with friends and other seekers as the opportunity arises.
Seeker in Thailand