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The Meaning and Healing Properties of Green Onyx Gemstone

From the prehistoric age, the Green Onyx Gemstones has been used in jewelry because of its rich looking.This stone has a great impact of opening chakras. This old stone plays an important role in traditional culture and religion activities. Some are believed that Onyx has a special power, but it[…]

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White Sapphire

At a Glance of White Sapphire Name: White Sapphire Color(s): White Mineral Information: Aluminum oxide, corundum group Chemical Make-up: AI2O3 Hardness: 9 Where they are found: Myanmar (Burma), Sri Lanka, India About Stone: Since medieval times, sapphire has been associated with the majesty and tranquility of the heavens. It was[…]

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Rutilated Quartz

At A Glance of Rutilated Quartz Name: Rutilated Quartz Color(s): clear with golden Mineral Information: Oxide minerals Chemical Make-up: Quartz: SiO2 Rutile: TiO2 Hardness: quartz 7, rutile 6 to 6.5 Where they are found: Australia, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Madagascar, Norway, Pakistan and the United States. About Stone: It is identified as quartz[…]

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At A Glance of Phosphosiderite Name: Phosphosiderite Color(s): Purple to reddish violet, rose-red, peachy-pink, brownish yellow, moss-green, colourless; rose to colourless in transmitted light. Mineral Information: Metavariscite Group Chemical Make-up: Fe3+(PO4)•2(H2O) Hardness: 3.5-4 Where they are found: Chile, Argentina, Germany, Portugal, USA, About Stone: The meaning of this stones name[…]

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Honey Opal

At A Glance of Honey Opal Name: Honey Opal Color(s): orange to orange-brown, honey-colored background Chemical Make-up: SiO2 · nH2O Hardness: 5.5 – 6.5 Where they are found: Mexico About Stone: Honey-yellow opal is a transparent to translucent Opal with an orange to orange-brown, honey-colored background. It may or may[…]

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Herkimer Diamond

At A Glance of Herkimer Diamond Name: Herkimer Diamond Color(s): clear Mineral Information: Quartz Chemical Make-up: SiO2 Hardness: 7 Where they are found: Herkimer, New York, USA About Stone: Herkimer diamonds are a particular formation of Quartz Crystal, which can be found in Herkimer, New York, USA. Other crystals which[…]

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