The Sanskrit name of the 7th Chakra is Sahaswara. The Crown Chakra is the center of intuition.

Crown chakra – Sahaswara

Name: Sahaswara

Meaning of name: Thousand-petaled

Location: Top of the head

Element (Tattva): 

Color: White (Western system), Gold (Tantric system)


# of Petals: 1000

Seed Sound (Bija Mantra): All pure sounds

Expression: I know

Emotion: Psychological state creates bliss & understanding

Key Word: Purity

Aspects: The guru within

Sense: Nirvana, samadhi

Animal: None

Herb: Lotus and gotu kola

Food: Fasting

Source of: Purity

Seat of: Peace and divine connection

Imbalances: M; spiritual cynicism and rigid belief system

Contains: Connection to the divine