Reading Chakras with a Pendulum On-line Course

Are you curious to learn how to read Chakras?
Would you like to learn to use a pendulum to heighten your intuition?
Do you feel open to a new way of understanding yourself and others?

SaraCura has been offering in-person workshop teaching people to dive deep into what the chakras can tell us and how we can connect with those chakras through pendulum readings for many years now. She created a Self-Guided Workshop book but it just wasn't enough... 

SaraCura is so happy to offer this popular workshop ON-LINE! 

To sign up for Reading Chakras with a Pendulum workshop, please follow this link.

In the workshop, you will heighten your intuition through pendulum reading, gain a fun new skill, and learn more about Chakras! 

What you will be able to do by the end of the course:

· Become comfortable using a pendulum

· Understand what you can use a pendulum to do

· Further tap into your internal knowing using external tools

· Connect to the story of the chakras and how they affect your life

· Practice using a pendulum to tap into the energies of each chakra

· Learn how to read chakras in person and at a distance

· Explain your findings to the person you are reading in a way that helps them better understand their soul’s purpose

· Feel supported to practice and learn more with these new skills


Who is this course good for?

· Someone with an established energy work practice who can immediately apply it to their clients for greater understanding of them

· Someone who is interested in enhancing their intuition

· Someone who finds chakras fascinating and wants to learn more about them

· Someone who wants to offer help and guidance, whether to friends, family or clients


What you will need for this course?

· A pendulum

· An open mind

· A quiet place to practice

· Course materials – multiple copies of the chakra worksheet

· A few people’s permission to read their chakras – preferably both people you know and others you don’t know as well