Name: Spinel
Color(s): a wide range of colors, depending on the presence of various impurities and can present as transparent to almost opaque
Mineral Information: Magnesium aluminum oxide
Chemical Make-up: Mg(Al2O4)
Hardness: 8
Where they are found: All over the world
About Stone: Until only 150 years ago, spinel was thought to be a ruby. Now classified as an individual mineral, spinel can look so much like rubies that many well-known gemstones assumed to be rubies are actually spinels. There are two, in fact, in the English crown jewels. Synthetic spinels have been widely used since the 1920s, but experts can recognize them because they do not have double refraction. Although spinel appears in a variety of colors, brilliant red is the most popular.
The name spinel is said to be derived from the Greek spinther, which means ‘sparkling’. It was valued as a protective stone for it’s beauty and the energy it radiated.
Zodiac Association: Sagittarius & Scorpio
Metaphysical Properties: Brings high energy to all efforts and all realms. Attracts money, wealth and prosperity. Adds vitality to any endeavor. Brings energy up from Mother Earth to power our spiritual quests and help us move toward our best destinies.