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Chakra Reading with Individual Chakra Cleaning

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Chakra Reading with a Pendulum
~Feeling out of balance in your life?
~Wondering what you can do for yourself to put your life on track?
A Chakra Reading could bring you more clarity about how to be better aligned.
I, Sarah, will read your chakras with a pendulum and tell you the story of what the pendulum says. We will discuss which chakras may be over-active and which may be lethargic and how that is affecting your life. We discuss what you can do for yourself to bring your chakras into alignment.
Readings can be done on anyone, anywhere in the world. They can also be done in person if you happen to be in Northern Thailand. But really the place you are is not important to the effectiveness of the reading.

Chakra Reading with a Pendulum 

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We will set up a time to meet via some online means, such as Skype or Messenger. Before the meeting, I will do the reading and tune into your energy field to get any impressions. Then we will connect and talk about the results as well as how to find more awareness and make some conscious changes for yourself. The discussion will take about 45 minutes. This reading does not include energy work, beyond the reading itself.

Chakra Reading with Pranic-style Aura Clearing

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For this reading, I will do a Chakra reading for you and then use Pranic healing techniques to scan your energy field for more information about your energetic situation. Then I clear and brush your auric field. Then I cut any energetic cords that you may have attached to you. I will be lead to do more work such as addressing injuries or stuck energy, connecting your hemispheres, infusing you with various colors of light, and other actions. I will tell you about the work in an audio file which I will send to you. These audios are usually about 15-20 minutes. Once you have listened to the recording, we will set up a time to talk and discuss the findings. I will answer any questions for you at this time. The call by Skype or Messenger will be about 50-60 minutes. 

Chakra Reading with Individual Chakra Cleaning

This reading involves directed energy work on each chakra after the initial reading of the chakras are done. I will spend time with each chakra to loosen and free any stuck energy. I will allow for reconnection between chakras when necessary for efficient flow within the whole system. This is a good option for people who know that they have specific challenges in one or more chakras. This is deep, directed work, rather than a more holistic full body approach with the Pranic style clearing option. Once again, I will record my findings in an audio file and send it to you. We will make an appointment to discuss the results and you can ask any questions you may have. The call by Skype or Messenger will be about 50-60 minutes. 

Full Package - Chakra Reading, Pranic-style Aura Clearing
and Individual Chakra Cleaning

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This reading is everything described above together. This is very comprehensive and thorough. I am conscious of not doing too much at one time which might disrupt the healing process. I will listen to what is called for and honor your journey. I will record an audio message for this reading as well as set up an appointment to have a discuss any questions. 

Please make sure to include your email address with the order so we can communicate efficiently. 

I look forward to working with you!