Rainbow Calsilica


Name: Rainbow Calsilica

Color(s): Red, greens, blacks, blues, mustard yellows, browns

Mineral Information: Calsilica

Chemical Make-up: Ca(co3)+ man made coloring pigments (paraffin) along with man-made bonding agents (resin)

Hardness: 3 – 4

Where they are found: Chihuahau Mexico

About Stone: Rainbow Calsilica is known to be produced from an artificial sedimentary rock made by human beings. It is built up of calcium carbonate (calcite) and man-made coloring pigments (paraffin) along with man-made bonding agents (resin). This stone is a microcrystalline calcite creation bonded naturally or synthetically with the clay mineral called allophane. Silicon dioxide is present in a vein matter as it pushes cut the fabric and its stabilization process is alike as that of turquoise.

Zodiac Association: Capricorn

Metaphysical Properties: Rainbow Calsilica enhances mental function, helps strengthen and balance the heart, and improves attentiveness, acuity, and analytical aptitude. It creates a defensive shield against negative energies and cleanses the aura of the wearing individual.