Purple Tourmaline Teardrop Necklace | Third Eye Chakra



  • Handmade Item
  • Chakras : 6TH — Third Eye— Ajna
  • Materials : Purple Tourmaline

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Bathed in a purple light
An Orchid of second sight

Purple Tourmaline Teardrop Necklace | Third Eye Chakra

Third Eye ✧ Intuition
The 6th Chakra relates to being responsible for our own lives, following our soul’s path and trusting our intuition. When balanced, we are clear sighted, have an orderly mind and are full of integrity. When off, we can be scatter minded, inconsiderate and do not trust our higher self. Purple energy connects us to our unconscious self and we feel we are part of the whole universe, increasing imagination and psychic powers.

Tourmaline ✧ Strength
Attracts inspiration and diminishes fear by promoting understanding. It encourages self-confidence. Strengthens body & spirit, and is good for the nervous system. Very good for people with weakened immune systems. Recommended for people who wish to better understand their own spirituality

Wear these with Strength and Beauty.

Size: 46 cm (full length of necklace)

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