Fertility Goddess Charm | Sacral Chakra



  • Handmade Item
  • Chakras : 2ND — Sacral — Svadhishthana
  • Materials : Sterling Silver Spiral Goddess

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She holds on for dear life.
Clinging to nature.
She understands the deeply rooted tower that claps its leaves to applaud the winds of change.
She feels the flow of streams re-imagining their waters.
She knows the terrain of mountains seeking view through the milky mist
She holds on for dear life.
Clinging to nature, she holds on for dear life
She is Mother Nature

Fertility Goddess Charm in Sterling Silver | Sacral Chakra

Spiral Goddess ✧ The Spiral Goddess represents the continuation of life, death, and rebirth. Symbolic of the regenerative, life-giving forces of the cosmos, the Spiral Goddess represents the Moon as a keeper of wisdom and magical power. Her hands connect above her head creating a halo of sacred knowledge. Her belly contains the genesis of light within the darkness of the womb. She holds the frequency of all life honoring the Great Cosmic Mystery in balance with the manifestation of earthly creation. Using this symbol enhances sacred creativity within the consciousness of the individual, and on a larger scale, helps to maintain a sacred reverence for the darkness that is in the process of giving birth to light.

Sacral Chakra ✧ Creativity
The 2nd Chakra relates to self respect, giving us the ability to be free to be our true selves. It also helps expand your interests and activities while bringing joy to our workday and strengthening our love of life. When this Chakra is balanced, we feel sociable, creative and independent. Otherwise we can become withdrawn, destructive and overly-dependent. Orange is an emotional stimulant which connects us to our senses and helps remove inhibitions so we can be independent and social.

Each piece is individual to its wearer and designed to support you wherever you are on your journey.

Wear this with Strength and Beauty.

Size: 2.5 cm (full length of charm and attachment)

✧ Pendant comes on a 16” or 18” Sterling Silver chain.

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