Name: Prehnite
Color(s): Colorless to gray to yellow, yellow-green or white
Mineral Information: Silicate mineral
Chemical Make-up: Ca2Al(AlSi3O10)(OH)2
Hardness: 6-6.5
Where they are found: South Africa, US, Canada, Austria, Germany, France and India.
About Stone: A Dutch colonel, H. Von Prehn, is credited with discovering Prehnite in 1774 at the Cape of Good Hope in Africa. Early traders nicknamed the gemstone Cape Emerald in hopes of exploiting its green color. Prehnite was originally classified as a Zeolite, due to the fact that it usually forms in the same areas and under similar conditions as the zeolite. Today geologist place it in the phyllosilicate category which also includes apophyllite.
Prehnite is a fairly strong crystal, quite resistant to pressures and scratching. It is composed of aluminum, calcium and silicon with a few specimens containing small trace of iron as well. It is considered a secondary or second stage mineral, meaning that the crystal did not form during the initial volcanic activity, but instead the crystals were form by events caused by the volcano, much after the fact.
Zodiac Association: Libra
Metaphysical Properties: Aids you to connect to beings on the higher spiritual planes, and enhances spiritual growth. Helps you to be prepared, as it enhances precognition or prior knowledge of an event, and the gift of prophecy. Supports personal discipline, and it encourages the heart to surrender to Divine will.