Mother of Pearl


Name: Mother of Pearl
Color(s): White to cream to tawny champagne color,
Mineral Information: Calcium carbonate, aragonite
Chemical Make-up: 84-92% calcium-carbonate, 4-13% organic substances, 3-4% water
Hardness: 3-4
About Stone: Abalone & Mother of Pearl are interchangeable to most people. Abalone is a beautiful shell showing a play of bright blues, black, brown and turquoise across a polished surface…a dark rainbow of colors say some. Abalone shells are the outer housing, or exoskeleton of sea-creatures, and they are a wonderful vessel in which to find Mother of Pearl.
Mother of Pearl is a layer of light colored lines inside the shells of mollusks in general, creating a protective shield. Known to some as the ‘nacre’ such as on a pearl; it is the shiny layer that forms inside of the shell. Pearl oysters and Abalone are known to be wonderful sources for Mother of Pearl.
Zodiac Association: Cancer
Metaphysical Properties: Very relaxing, rhythmic soothing energy that produces a very calming effect in the body, and so reduces stress & irritability. It gently stirs the life energy of your cells, increasing their flexibility, ability to accept oxygen and function effectively. Phenomenal in assisting in memory & dream recall.