Name: Sunstone
Color(s): Orange-red/brown
Mineral Information: Sodium calcium aluminum silicate, Feldspar group
Chemical Make-up: Na(AlSi3O8)Ca(Al2Si2O8)
Hardness: 6 – 6-1/2
Where they are found: India, Canada, South Norway, Russia, in the United States in Oregon.
About Stone: Believed to be a piece of the sun, sunstone was prized by ancient magicians, who used it to attract the strength of the sun and it’s associated power and wealth. It is commonly associated with the Phoenix that appeared at the first sunrise.
Zodiac Association: Leo
Metaphysical Properties: Energizing, empowering, it honors the male/god energies while strengthening the life force. Helpful for clearing chakras, general health, and empowering self worth. It’s beautiful glittering rays help to ease depression and invigorate physical energy. Sunstone is excellent for increasing sexual energy as well as healing sexual dysfunction.