Rutilated Quartz


Name: Rutilated Quartz
Color(s): clear with golden
Mineral Information: Oxide minerals
Chemical Make-up: Quartz: SiO2 Rutile: TiO2
Hardness: quartz 7, rutile 6 to 6.5
Where they are found: Australia, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Madagascar, Norway, Pakistan and the United States.
About Stone: Rutilated Quartz is identified as quartz crystal containing rutile crystals growing within it. The chemical composition of rutile is titanium dioxide, and occurs as “hairs” or thin, straight crystals, with a metallic lustre. Rutilated quartz has been referred to as Cupid’s darts, Venus hair stone and Fleches d’amour.
The name quartz comes from the Saxon word querklufterz which meant cross vein ore. The name rutile comes from the Latin word rutilus meaning red.
Zodiac Association: Gemini, Taurus
Metaphysical Properties: An energizing stone that boosts energy and helps focus mental energies. Attracts love and stabilize relationships. Good for balance, repelling negative energies and unwanted interference. It promotes clarity of thought and relieves depression and loneliness, as well as helps enhance creativity. Rutilated quartz is said to slow down the aging process and to strengthen the immune system.