Name: Labradorite
Color(s): Grey to blue with green and blue flashes
Mineral Information: Calcium sodium feldspar
Chemical Make-up: Na(AlSi3O8)Ca(Al2Si2O8)
Hardness: 6 – 6-1/2
Where they are found: Labrador, Canada, Madagascar, India, Newfoundland, Finland & Russia.
About Stone: Labradorite is named for Labrador, where it was first discovered. Its distinctive flash of irridescent colors is known as “labradorescence.” These beautiful flashes of color change according to the angle of light refraction, and may be blue, green, yellow, and pink, with the majority of the stone itself a dark grey in color.
Zodiac Association:Aquarius, Sagittarius, Scorpio, and Leo
Metaphysical Properties: Brings clarity of inner sight and helps protect the aura, keeping it clear, balanced, protected and free from energy leaks. It helps transform intuition to the intellect, helping you to use inner messages. Helps you realize and achieve your destiny while enhancing faith and reliance in your self.