Golden Obsidian


Name: Golden Obsidian
Color(s): Golden black
Mineral Information: Volcanic, amorphous, siliceous glass
Chemical Make-up: 70–75% SiO2, plus MgO, Fe3O4
Hardness: 5 – 6
Where they are found: Argentina, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Australia,[14] Canada, Chile, Georgia, Greece, El Salvador, Guatemala, Iceland, Italy, Japan,Kenya, Mexico, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Scotland, Turkey and the United States.
About Stone: A type of obsidian which occurs when gas bubbles from the original lava flow are trapped in the obsidian as it is forming. The impurities of the gasses cause a golden sheen to occur, giving the obsidian a golden appearance.
Obsidian is a powerful stone that reminds us that birth and death are simultaneously and constantly present, one within the other. It has always been associated with guardian spirits that watch over us. Earlier peoples drew on that protective power in weapons they made from obsidian. Today people who wear it often speak of a sense of protection.
Metaphysical Properties: A very protective stone. Forms a shield against negativity, to absorb negative energies from the environment and to block psychic attack. Eliminates feelings of futility and ego-conflict allowing you to find your correct spiritual path. A powerful stone for grounding yourself, and for manifesting your deepest desires.