Name: Carnelian
Color(s): reddish-orange, or reddish-brown
Mineral Information: Chalcedony, microcrystalline quartz group
Chemical Make-up: SiO2
Hardness: 6.5 – 7
Where they are found: India, Uruguay, Brazil, Japan, Botswana, and Madagascar. In the United States, carnelian can be found in Texas, North Carolina, Colorado, and Florida.
About Stone: The reddish tints in the translucent stone are due to iron oxide. Carnelian is derived from the Latin word meaning horn. Carnelian is also spelled ‘cornelian’ and has also been referred to as Mecca Stone, Pigeon’s blood Agate, and Sadoine.
Zodiac Association: Virgo
Metaphysical Properties: Nourishes and vitalizes your entire being, bestowing optimism and enthusiasm for life. It motivates cells to achieve greater health and inspires you to make the changes that will move you towards your life’s goal or dream. Helps ease or remove sorrows.