Name: Azurite
Color(s): dark blue
Mineral Information: Copper carbonate, aragonite group
Chemical Make-up: Cu3((OH)2/(CO3)2
Hardness: 3.5-4
Where they are found: United States, Australia, Chile, Peru, France, Namibia, Russia, and Egypt
About Stone: Azurite is often found growing alongside malachite, sometimes even growing together in one stone. Geologists and mineralogists use azurite to approximate the location of copper deposits as azurite (as well as malachite) are byproducts of copper, forming as the deposit weathers. Azurite has been used in jewelry and other adornments since ancient times, and was used for centuries as a pigment or dye as well as in jewelry.
Metaphysical Properties: Azurite tempers the mind. It releases stress and confusion, and alleviates worry & indecision. Azurite stimulates all the mind centers, nourishing a keen interest in life, one’s function in society, and discovering new commonalities and links within our world. It encourages the study of new and challenging subjects.