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SaraCura Spirit is on a journey of deep self-love. By loving ourselves fully, we learn how to love others. To love ourselves, we must know ourselves. All offerings here are given with great love and the intention to awaken you to the beauty of life and the beauty of who you are, wherever you may be on your path.

Whether it be with our book, Self-Love is the Key, or with a Chakra Reading, or with a unique piece of Spiritually-Inspired Jewelry, our focus to guide you towards deeper inner connection. We intend for these offerings to flow with you in all life’s adventures, to bring you balance when it’s needed, to heal you when it is called for, and most importantly, to energize you & bring your best self forward.


Chakra Assessments

Sarah can assess your chakras with a pendulum and tell you the story of what the pendulum says.

No distance is too far.

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I love and appreciate this workbook so much because it keeps me involved. It contains so much more than just basic self-love tools. I love how Sarah includes shadow work, inner child healing and so so much more. It's a perfect integration, is easy to understand and keep up with. I love learning the new practices and reflecting so deeply. I highly suggest this book to everyone!


Chelsey Wildfire - Feminine Embodiment Coach, Soul Guide and Self-love Queen

A truly lovely book perfectly timed for so many who need this right now. Concepts presented clearly and concisely followed by well explained and easy to do exercises. This is a book that can be used over and over to get to deeper levels. Getting this book is one of the best self-love acts I have done in a long time. Thank you, Sarah, for sharing your light and wisdom with the world!

Michelle Case - CST-M (craniosacral therapist-master), CST instructor, and Intuitive Reader

The workbook is more than just a journey towards self-love - it's an invaluable resource for reflecting on your internal connections (or lack of), with thought provoking questions that make space for true inner-reflection. As a spiritual seeaker and self-healer, I have immensely enjoyed the workbook and have cultivated a sense of self-love because of the work and practices the book guides you through. I've even got a few spare copies to share with friends and other seekers as the opportunity arises.

Mark - Seeker in Thailand

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