~Feeling out of balance in your life?
~Wondering what you can do for yourself to put your life on track?

A Chakra Reading could bring you more clarity about how to be better aligned.

Sarah can read your chakras with a pendulum and tell you the story of what the pendulum says.
We will discuss which chakras may be over-active and which may be lethargic and how that is affecting your life.
We discuss what you can do for yourself to bring your chakras into alignment
through a variety of techniques, including yoga, food, color, and gemstones.

Current Chakra Healings Offerings from  SaraCura

Chakra Reading with a Pendulum
with Discussion & Action Plan
45 minutes

Pranic Energy Clearing and Aura Buffing
45 mins
Plus Chakra Reading – 90 minutes

Chakra Reading & Individual Chakra Cleaning
90 minutes

Available in-person when possible or online.
No distance is too far. We can chat by Skype or Zoom,
or I can send a video with my results.


For more information & to make an appointment, contact Sarah.


“A good friend of mine recommended Sarah to ‘help me with navigation in these disorienting times’ which is exactly what I received. She did a distance chakra healing on me and shed some clarity on the blockages I have been experiencing. Her reading was pretty accurate and highlighted where I need to be clear with myself moving forward. I do believe that even as we spend a lot of time focusing on our healing and growth, it is still very helpful to be assisted by those who are tuned in and tapped into certain healing capacities such as Sarah who can help expedite the process. Very grateful for the session Sarah. It really did help me.”
Madonna English ~ Mom, Kundalini Yoga teacher, Sound Healing Catalyst
“I received so many valuable insights from Sarah’s Chakra Reading. It’s allowed me to understand new things about my soul purpose and energy dynamics occurring within my body. The online session was simple and easy, even though we are both in different countries.”
Bhakti Tera Kaur
Here’s an article written about my readings:
A Surprise Chakra Reading in Pai, Thailand