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2nd Chakra Earrings - Sunstone and Sterling Hand of Fatima product image

Sacral Chakra Earrings – Sunstone and Sterling Hand of Fatima


  • Handmade Item
  • Chakras : 2nd — Sacral — Svadhisthana
  • Materials : Sterling Silver Earwires
  • Length : 42 millimeters
  • Width : 10 millimeters

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Product Description

2nd Chakra Earrings – Sunstone and Sterling Hand of Fatima

2nd Chakra – Sex Organs – Creativity — 2nd Chakra relates to self respect, giving us the ability to be free to be our true selves. It also helps expand your interests and activities while bringing joy to our workday and strengthening our love of life. When this Chakra is balanced, we feel sociable, creative and independent. Otherwise we can become withdrawn, destructive and overly-dependant. Orange is an emotional stimulant which connects us to our senses and helps remove inhibitions so we can be independent and social.


Sunstone Energizing, empowering, it honors the male/god energies while strengthening the life force. Helpful for clearing chakras, general health, and empowering self worth. It’s beautiful glittering rays help to ease depression and invigorate physical energy. Sunstone is excellent for increasing sexual energy as well as healing sexual disfunction.

Hand of Fatima / Hamsa – A protective sign. It brings happiness, luck, health, and good fortune.

All jewelry is made with high quality gemstones and sterling silver findings and LOVE!

Wear with Joy and Beauty!

All pieces are available for wholesale price with minimum purchase. Every piece is display ready on its own card with a clean design in ziplock bag packaging. Please contact Sarah at for more information.


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