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Amethyst and Chalcedony EarringsAmethyst and Chalcedony Earrings 2Amethyst and Chalcedony Earrings paper

Amethyst and Chalcedony Earrings — Throat & Third Eye Chakra


  • Handmade Item
  • Chakras : 5th — Throat — Vishuddha and 6th — Third Eye — Ajna
  • Materials : Sterling Silver Earwires

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Product Description

Amethyst and Chalcedony Earrings — Throat & Third Eye Chakra

5th Chakra – Throat  ~ Communication 5th Chakra is all about self-expression and the ability to communicate our needs. It reflects the spirit of truth and purpose. When balanced, this chakra enhances loyalty, trustworthiness and a sense of deep calm. When off, we can become self-righteous and cold. Blue has a pacifying effect on the nervous system and brings great relaxation. It connects us to holistic thought and gives us wisdom and clarity.

6th Chakra – 3rd Eye ~ Intuition 6th Chakra relates to being responsible for our own life, following our soul’s path and trusting  our intuition. When balanced, we are clear sighted, have an orderly mind and are full of integrity. When off, we can be scatter minded, inconsiderate and do not trust our higher self.  Purple energy connects us to our unconscious self and we feel we are part of the whole universe, increasing imagination and psychic powers.

Amethyst – Help you understand & let go of attachments  & all that is old and holds you back so that you may fully embrace your spiritual destiny. Aids in healing addictions and in curtailing compulsive behaviors.

Chalcedony – A dreamy stone with a gentle energy that fosters balance between mind, body and spirit. It reduces hostility, anger, and irritation. It soothes and fosters mental and emotional stability and can facilitate emotional honesty. Helps insomnia & sleeping problems.

All jewelry is made with high quality gemstones and sterling silver findings and LOVE!

Wear with Joy and Beauty!

All pieces are available for wholesale price with minimum purchase. Every piece is display ready on its own card with a clean design in ziplock bag packaging. Please contact Sarah at for more information.


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