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4th Chakra Simple Charm – Peridot & Green Amethyst product image

4th Chakra Simple Charm – Peridot & Green Amethyst


  • Handmade Item
  • Chakras : 4th — Heart — Anahata
  • Materials : Sterling Silver Chain

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Product Description

4th Chakra Simple Charm – Peridot & Green Amethyst

Single Chakra charms are a simple, delicate way to brings attention to one energy center that may be needing extra attention, whether to soothe it or activate it. The 4th Chakra Simple Charm comes on black nylon cord.

4th Chakra – Heart – Love — 4th Chakra is all about love and self love. It reflects the ability to give and take unconditionally. When this chakra is balanced, we are able to give love to others and nurture ourselves. Then we feel compassion, generosity and harmonious. When off, we can become indifferent and jealous. Green connects us to unconditional love and is used for balancing our whole being.


Peridot Helps one to understand the changes going on in their life by getting rid of negative patterns so that growth is possible. Used for prosperity, protection & openness. Helps to stimulate tissue regeneration. Brings rebirth, renewal, and aids healings of all kinds and is especially good for healing in relationships by easing anger, jealousy, and strengthening marriage bonds.

Green Amethyst Allows you to open your heart to the world such that love and passion will soon follow. It heals the mind by strengthening your willpower, thought processes and allowing you to begin to self-love and rebuild confidence. Aids digestion by allowing your body to metabolise nutrients efficiently. Attracts positivity and repels negative energies.

All jewelry is made with high quality gemstones and sterling silver findings and LOVE!

Wear with Joy and Beauty!

All pieces are available for wholesale price with minimum purchase. Every piece is display ready on its own card with a clean design in ziplock bag packaging. Please contact Sarah at for more information.


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